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fretless zithers links

Here are links to other sites that focus on fretless zithers. Much good information, beyond that of this site, is to be found at these sources. Click on the captions to follow the links.



chord-zithers, Marx instruments, and more...

Guitar-Zither Clearinghouse

Kelly Williams, co-creator, along with Gregg Miner (see below), of the term "fretless zither", maintains a site called the Guitar-Zither Clearinghouse. The site contains a wealth of information concerning patent info, variants and types of specific models of fretless zithers, and the most substantial information available on the Marxochime Colony.



fretless zithers, dolceola...

Gregg Miner, Miner Music, Dolceola Pages

In addition to giving us the term "fretless zither," Gregg Miner and Kelly Williams have also constructed an identification tree for this instrument family, which is posted at Gregg's site. Also featured is the Miner Museum, which showcases Gregg's unbelievable collection of instruments, and his pages on the dolceola and Washingon Phillips are not to be missed. In fact, that's where we'll start you.

Gregg also created and maintains an incredibly informative site concening the harp-guitar,



Bob's Ukelin Home

Ukelin pioneer Bob Buzas keeps us informed about all things ukelin at the Web's first ukelin site, Bob's Ukelin Home. All types of information is here, from historical to current.


autoharps, old-time music...

Art Lang and Cathy Ciolac

"Music that makes you feel good," accurately proclaim Art and Cathy, who play old-time and traditional music on a number of instruments including the autoharp, mountain dulcimer, banjo, and guitar. All of the above can be heard, along with their singing, in the sound clips at their handsome website. Cathy also restores and repairs autoharps and pages concerning this are forthcoming at the site.