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guides to stringing fretless zithers

I have provided all the information needed to replace broken or missing strings or to completely re-string your instrument. On this page you will find links to illustrated guides containing full instructions for making the loop ends of strings, measuring for replacement bass strings, stripping back windings, and installing your new strings. Also included is all the string gauge information you need to properly re-string these instruments.

Bass strings are all made to order. They require you to provide your winder with the length measurements of the windings. Full instructions for doing this are at the link below. If you're really sure of your measuring accuracy, you can have the winder make the loops. However, I advise you order them without loops, but with about 5" of straight bare core wire on both ends, and make your own loops. By doing this, you avoid having to provide the critical hitch pin to tail bridge measurement. As you will see in the loops guide, making a loop is really easy.

The guides, which are also linked from the buttons above, are as follows:

Guide to installing replacement strings and stripping back windings

Guide to measuring for replacement bass strings

Guide to making loop ends of replacement strings

Guide to chord-zither and ukelin replacement string gauges

Convenient storage of wound strings and wire